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Logo Design


A logo design is one of the greatest challenges a designer can get, To take a blank page or screen and mold together style, character, colour, a moral and a million other considerations and then make it SIMPLE. I Love it!"

Not all these logos made it all the way, but I think deserve to see the light of day, What do you think?

Goldcrop Openday 2016


Goldcrops Open Day is a yearly event that showcases and trials new and existing crops for the coming year and involves producing a 100-page brochure, logos and branding for new cereal varieties, posters and various other marketing support materials

The Thirsty Scholar


"There is an energy in the air and mixed with the bohemian environment the Thirsty Scholar was an establishment the day it opened the doors and definitely need a style to reflect that."

The Menu was designed with the history of the building and Waterford in mind! With the use of duo-tone maps and historical images to lend to the scholarly image.

Mad Pride


"A man once said "All you need is love" and his name was John, But not the John you're thinking of. This John was John Mcarthy, and he is right. he was also a tireless campaigner for those who have no rights, Mad pride makes the world a better place and working with them has been an honour.

There has been everything from T-shirts, bunting, a giant poster for when they spoke to the Europen union, a book cover and everything in between, but my favourite is the Rarest Sinead O Connor Poster in the world! Only one in Existence, She sold out in minutes through word of mouth before the posters could be printed. So I had one printed anyway.